List of Five Best Shooting Games for Kids

Shooting (or Shooter) Games are a small branch of Action Games. These games test the player’s reflexes, speed, and spatial awareness. Sometimes, Shooting Games involve aggressive combat with weapons and empowered forces. The weapons in Shooting Games are usually firearm or some other kinds of long-range weapons.

Shooting Games for Kids include less violent and bloody scenes but still, keep the traditional spirit of its genre. Some of the most iconic Shooter Games in the list below are Strike Force Heroes, Bullet Force, and Plaza Burst. These Shooting Games have contributed big parts to the development of the gaming industry.

Strike Force Heroes

Made by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva, Strike Force Heroes is the pride of its developers. The game sets in a science fiction background, where scientists, Assassins, Military Police and even more are rolled in the tsunami of wars and serious battles. If your kids are a fan of the Hollywood Action movies, then you should suggest them to have a look at Strike Force Heroes. The cool elements in this game such as Rebellion, Chemical Weapons and more will make your kids’ eyes blink.

Learn To Fly 3

Everyone loves Penguins, and we know your kids are, too! In this third installment of the franchise Learn To Fly, the player will have the chance to get to know more about the adventures of the smart Penguins that insist on their flights to the blue sky. Learn To Fly 3 marks the first time the developer of the game introduces a new type of gameplay focusing on a launch, vertical style game.

Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst is another game that sets in the futuristic world, besides Strike Force Heroes in this list. The game challenges the player to control robotic protagonists named Marine, Noir Lime, and Proxy. These characters have to try their best to remain is heroic roles in the game by combating against the enemies.

Gun Mayhem

The spy (secret agent) movies have always been endless inspirations to the game developers. In this video game Gun Mayhem, the player will take the role of an animal agent, who is trying his best to defeat all the criminals in his town. Gun Mayhem includes several tricky levels that are set in various 2D game stages. By knocking all the criminals off the stages, you will be able to claim your victory in Gun Mayhem.

Bullet Force

Following the successful footsteps of the legendary Shooting video games, Bullet Force has shaken the game ground with impressive gameplay. The game enables multi-players to join one Map at once and has them fighting against each other. The battles in Bullet Force are maintained by the loss of one force that leads to another force’s victory.

In conclusion

From Strike Force Heroes to Bullet Force, this List of Five Best Shooting Games for Kids includes all the most played Shooting Games of all time. They aren’t just for kids, and any adult like you can have fun with them as well! Also, try a different game genre, such as puzzle game with game bad ice cream