Top Racing Games For Xbox One

Not everybody loves racing games, but for racing games’ true fans, often little else will give them as much excitement. Right now you’re taking a look at the list which has 10 racing games considered as top racing games for Xbox One.

If you had the original Xbox with you at any time during your life, then there is quite a high chance to say there were probably a few racing games in your Xbox collection. With a lot of options to choose from, the racing game genre itself has never run out for its fans to play and enjoy. However, some games can actually be much better than others. This is the reason why we’ve decided to rank the all-time top racing games for Xbox One. If you like driving fast, marvelous-looking cars in your game, then time to get behind the wheel and check out some of these wonderful games.

This list will contain the most well-known and best-selling racing games that were released and can be played by Xbox. While reading this list, you will come across items like Forza Horizon and Need For Speed. Time to get started!



The poster child for Xbox One X platform, Forza 7 is the most ambitious racing game ever attempted by Microsoft. Either you’re playing Forza MotorSport 7 on Xbox One or Xbox One X, you will still get a gorgeous game packed with 700 cars, stacks of in-game and real-life circuits, 60FPS and enough racing to keep you stuck with this game more than two years.

Forza Motorsport 7 is also a Play Anywhere game. This means you need to buy it once only and it can be played on both platforms – Xbox and PC. This game has support for about any racing wheel you can think of. It brings out the best of Xbox One, and definitely a must-play game.



For a long time, Forza has set a visual standard on the Xbox, and this standard is still maintained the same in the latest Forza game – Forza Horizon 3. Brought to you by Playground Games and share the ForzaTech engine that also launches Forza 7, the game we are talking about here is something very, very special. The game’s setting is in Australia this time around, Horizon 3’s visuals are considered better than its previous games while taking in a world that is twice as large and diverse.

The in-game sky is a giant light source that touches everything under it, the cars are well-crafted and possess gorgeous look, and the content for racing is as various as you’ll find in any game on any platform. Where Forza 7 is a game that focuses more on racing game fanatics, Forza Horizon 3 is the racing game that everyone can play. No wonder why this game truly belongs to the top racing games for Xbox One list.

It’s absolutely wonderful and another must play if you’re looking for a racing game. Being an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Forza 7 allows you to play the game for cross-play on Windows 10.


Unlike its predecessor, which faced quite a lot of problems while being brought to life, Project Cars 2 is developed and published more smoothly. This game brings realistic racing back to the Xbox One platform.


Forza may not have the excellent skill for in-game visual developing, but all the features and vehicles in Project Cars still looks quite good. Especially now this game can be played on Xbox One X, which will surely enhance the visual. Project Cars 2 is marked as a big, ambitious and absolutely gorgeous racing game.

Talking about the circuits of the game, they are probably the spotlight of the show. Project Cars doesn’t only possess the large, famous tracks like Le Mans, Dubai, but it also features other less popular tracks, like Cadwell Park in the United Kingdom. In case you are a racer that wants a challenge, time to check out Cadwell. Its narrow, technical and challenging track is best known for motorcycle racing.

4.  F1 2017

Are you a fan of the world’s premier single-seater racing game series? Then F1 2017 is the right choice for you. The game itself is a continuation of the Codemasters series. Every circuit on the F1 calendar is displayed and can be played in the game, along with all the current teams, liveries and liveries, and it’s the closest we will ever get to the real thing.

 F1 2017

The 2016 editions jam-packed with all the glitz and glamor that fans could want, it is also accessible for casual racers participate, try out new things, and have a nice time. For those who are more adventurous, there’s a whole raft of things in there that allow you experience more challenging, realistic activities.

F1 2017 may forever be the historic and top racing games for Xbox One in the fans’ hearts. Good news for us players is that this game has also been enhanced for Xbox One X with HDR and 4K resolution.

5. DIRT 4

Dirt 4 is a proper sequel that comes after Dirt Rally, besides having the same features as in the 2016 release, there’s also just more of it. This means there’s also more fun to go with it.


It’s your choice to be realistic or to tame things down a little. But you now have multiple types of race, a number of various vehicles and some pretty nasty weather to master. Rallycross, Off-road Racing, and Classic Rally are the highlight of this game. As a matter of choice, Dirt 4 can now be played in Xbox Game Pass. However, only subscribers have permission to play at no additional charge.


This is the 6th game in our list “top racing games for Xbox One”. Old but still gold, Burnout Paradise still has its good sides. Since this is a remastered version, you can play the full 4K resolution on the Xbox One X.


Don’t worry, even though it’s a remastered version, it’s still the same old Burnout Paradise that you used to play. After all, it’s impossible to not love and miss the insane speed, wild jumps and absurd accidents of the game.


ONRUSH is a racing game that is unlike other racing games. In this game, there’s no finishing line and who finishes first doesn’t matter much. Being brought to life from the ashes of the Motorstorm franchise, the team was acquired by Codemasters, and the result of this is a four-wheeled riot.


There’s a variety of game modes in ONRUSH to keep your interests. However, the game itself is more vehicular battle than straight-up racing. Besides driving cars, you can also race bikes and trucks. You bash, smash and leap your way ahead in order to win.


Need for Speed Payback is a type of racing car game that is published by Electronic Arts and developed by Ghost Games. It is available on several platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Need For Speed Payback is the twenty-third installment series. The game was briefly displayed with a trailer that came out in public on June 2, 2017. Then later, on November 10, 2017, it was released worldwide. This is also one of the top racing games for Xbox One.


As racing game lovers, we’re all familiar with the Need For Speed series. The game’s setting is in Fortune Valley’s underworld, players drive as three significant characters once again united by a quest for vengeance against The House – a heinous cartel that controls the city’s criminals, casinos and even the police. They take on numerous events and challenges as Mac – the Showman, Tyler – the Racer and Jess – the Wheelman to gain the respect of the underground. Need For Speed Payback features the deepest and most detailed customization from the series, in this latest game of the series, players can truly create a personalized, styled and unique ride, or plays hours in order to search and turn an abandoned derelict into a supercar. They can then push the limit of their cars and raise the stakes by betting on their own performance, where they can either earn a lot more from their winnings or risk losing it all.


One of the top racing games for Xbox One we have to mention is Trailblazer. Trailblazer was announced by Supergonk games – this is a studio that has many talents from other well-known studios such as Bizarre Creations, Codemasters and Lionhead. This is a cool co-op and arcade-style racing game, its publisher is Rising Star Games.


The game features also many unique tracks. If you’ve played the game Splatoon, then this game has some similar rules – for example, laying down paint will allow your team to have more advantages during races. After you’ve laid down your color, the color strips will become sections of the track that can boost your teammates. With the right strategy paint application, you can win the championship in the easiest way! We could say that this new and creative paint feature adds a new experience to the arcade-style racing formula.

According to the developer of the game – Supergonk – that once released, Trailblazer can be played on all common platforms for games. Further announcements are coming and can be read on the studio’s social media account and official website.


This is the last game in the list top racing games for Xbox One. If you’re a racer who loves to explore, then Lightfield HYPER Edition is for you. In this game, your mission is to discover modern racing tracks and abandon the boundaries behind by engaging in races that have their inspiration devoured from the art Parkour. The racing game Lightfield encourages, and would like its players to explore and make use of all aspects of its surroundings during the time they master their scaling walls, anti-gravity spaceships, sci-fi skyscrapers, ceilings and many more to find out the perfect racing line that will give them enough satisfaction. Explore the in-game worlds beyond the boundaries of the tracks and let yourself get lost in the beauty of the magnificent environments, abstract architecture and futuristic sounds-capes of the hard-hitting electronic soundtrack that is brought to you by Zanshin.


This new HYPER Edition has the online multiplayer mode, solo player mode and a couch split-screen mode. What even better is that it also features a package of new content, from an all-new trick system to a new campaign, a mode that allows you to take a photo (as known as the photo mode), along with stunning visuals.