Top of 7 Best Racing Games 2017 you must play

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Racing games have been popular to all of you, right? They bring the players the most exciting moments since they contain the best modern features as well as superb graphics. Here is the prominent set of the 7 top best racing games 2017 that I have chosen to suggest to all of you.

Let’s give a glance at the 7 top best racing games 2017 list below, and try each game for once, I promise you that they will not let you disappoint!

best racing games 2017


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CSR Racing 2:

The first game which is considered to be deserved to this top 7 best racing games 2017 list is CSR Racing 2. In case of graphics and visuals, there are no car racing games which are able to beat the CSR Racing 2, eventually, it beats the others belonging to this 7 top best racing games 2017 list here.

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In fact, CSR Racing 2 is not only related to the racing, but it is also about the magnificent graphic. The cars and the racetracks were designed perfectly, it is more beautiful than Real Racing 3’s graphic. If you are a racing-lover, this game will belong to you. This game tells about drag racing, which provides with cars race in a straight racing track without stunts and turns.

Your main task is to move up, down, and turn on the nitro system at the right time to increase the speed of the cars. You have to beat your rivals in the one-on-one race to move to the upcoming level. The graphics get more magnificent when the game progresses. The cars like McLarren P1™ and LaFerrari look excessively detailed and unique. I ensure that you have never seen this kind of car before in any racing game of the Android system.

Let’s play and enjoy this wonderful racing game now, and you will be addicted and excited a lot when seeing the console-like details of the CSR Racing 2 game.

Traffic Rider

Intense, speedy, addicting, exciting, lightweight, and good looking are the 6 main features of The Traffic Rider game; and these features also help the Traffic Rider to become one of the most incredible games towards other games in the list of top 7 best racing games 2017.

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The Traffic Rider is born to satisfy every racing-lover. If you love to race for hours in your leisure time, or you just want to spend a couple of minutes to get relax after hard-working; if you prefer playing lightweight games with a fast loading, or you just want to play a racing game with beautiful visuals.

Traffic Rider can offer you all the things you desire as the best incredible bike racing game compared to others. Traffic Rider is a first-person perspective racing game, which was developed by Soner Cara. This game can be installed to use by the Android operating platform. About the details of Traffic Rider, the game permit you to ride through city roads as well as highways with your chosen bikes.

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The game has 26 bikes from mopeds to cruise, and sports bikes as well. You can go and purchase each of them by using the money you have gained in the previous level of the game. You can also improve your own bike you have bought. On the other hand, the unique camera of the game will promise to make you feel like you are riding a bike in your real life.

Otherwise, the game has more than 70 missions, over 30 achievements, 19 different languages, and various environments such as day and night. All of these features make the game becomes one of the top 7 best racing games 2017 for Android system.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne Android game definitely does not need any introduction, because it has been a legend mobile game developer before the Android was released.

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Obviously, it should be classified into the series of top 7 best racing games 2017. It has launched Asphalt 8: Airborne back in 2013 for the Android platforms. After that, this game has become one of the best free Android games for all of the racing lovers.

On the other hand, this game is listed to be one of the most well-known Android games in 2017. It has cool graphics as well as interesting gameplay. You are allowed to drive more than 140 licensed cars such as Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes, passing through over 40 tracks.

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Additionally, the game also has an online multiple-player mode, where you can compete against real racing lovers around the world. These international areas are Rio, Nevada, Dubai, Great Wall, and many other popular areas.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Another entry in the series of the top 7 best racing games 2017 will be the game coming from the giant Gameloft, and it obviously belongs to the most popular Asphalt series. The game is named Asphalt Xtreme. It will really put you into the highest level of enjoyment and excitement. Although the gameplay and controls of the game are mentioned to be quite similar to the Asphalt 8, but the concept and graphics of the game are totally different and unique.

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Unlike Asphalt 8, Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is depended on rally racing type. It is originally an offroad monster racing game with a lot of different tracks to experience. The mode of this game has 5 competitive categories such as Amateur, Rookie, Pro, Semi-pro, and Master. Each of them has its own challenging level. However, the tracks are totally familiar in every above category.

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If you have tried the Asphalt 8: Airborne, or you have not yet, I ensure that you will extremely love playing Asphalt Xtreme because of its unique features. This game is voted to become one of the best racing games 2017 for Android devices. Do not hesitate to install and play this game for once, and you will feel the simulations and forces from this kind of game.

Need for Speed: No Limits:

Need for Speed: No Limits is classified to become one of the top 7 best racing games 2017, which dominates towards other racing games in terms of graphics. This game of the Electronic Arts has consisted of detailed graphics and superb sounds in each game.

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You can select from the cars like Porsche 911, BMW M4, McLaren 650s, and so on. Besides that, you can decorate your chosen cars with the aim of highly configured customization. The cars provided in this game look realistic as well as the different tracks and its environment. In addition, one cool thing of Need for Speed: No Limits is that it does not allow you to set the breaks so that your car will automatically accelerate the speed. All you have to do is to drift through corners so as to avoid touching the dividers.

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Additionally, you can swipe down in order to activate the nitro speed-booster. Besides that, you need to tap on the left or right lying on the half of the screen to turn for the direction you want. In overall, Need For Speed: No Limits is a game in top 7 best racing games 2017, which will give you a huge amount of energy and simulations.

Earn to Die 2:

Earn to Die 2 is a cool 2D wonderful combination of racing, zombie killing, and smashing. The developer Not Doppler has put 3 main categories with several spices in order to make a final product named Earn to Die 2 – the best game of the top 7 best racing games 2017, which I have never ever tried before.

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The game is nor graphically, neither story-line advanced, but as you know, who only play a game just because its storyline? And if a game is extremely engaging and intense, then who will pay much attention on the graphics? Earn to Die 2 is an enhanced racing Android. It contains a twist. It lets you participate in various uneven race tracks and then eliminate everything which comes along to your ways such as a zombie or some obstacles blocking your road, with no mercy.

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Otherwise, you can go and decorate your own vehicles if you wish so. Customize your private cars and make it become a smashing machine with the support of available objectives and tools. Otherwise, you can join in the story mode where you can race through deserts and cities full of zombies. That is why I have to list it in my series of the top 7 best racing games 2017 game list.

Driving series

This is the last game in the list of top 7 best racing games 2017. Even though you may have played many racing games before, but Dr. Driving will give you a different feeling for sure. The developer company SUD Inc. claims it as a driving game instead of a racing game. This statement may be true because the game does not provide you the selections to race on the roads, but it will observe your driving skills.

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The visuals and touch controls of the game let you feel like you are trying on a vehicle’s dashboard. You have to manage your vehicle on a two-lane road. Also, you have to control your vehicle to turn left or right, sometimes you will control it to make a U-turn. The game consists of several game modes for you to show off your drifting skills to win and pass through the stage.

The game may be quite simple after hearing about its brief description, but it is actually not easy to surpass. The control’s method of the game leads the game to become more difficult in terms of taking any turns and overcoming difficulties. Dr. Driving Android game has excellent graphics with a smaller size. You can even take part in the multiple-player mode with the way of signing in the game by your Google account.

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In my own point of view, I prefer the dashboard-style controls of this game. Let’s check out Dr. Driving series racing game now!