10 Best Racing Games For PS3

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Below are the best racing games for PS3, these games have hours of thrilling, heart-stopping moments on offer through their well- designed racing gameplay. You might not get along well with driving a car in real life, but the fact that being a real-life bad driver will not stop you from being a road racer in these kinds of game.

The gamers all know that the enjoyment aspect can be brought directly from being able to chase the thrill. In this case, these racing games need to be continually developed and developed in order to meet the needed standards and expectation from the users.

For any gamer, whether a true racing-game lover or not, being over to take full control over the in-game vehicles, and have a certain sense of freedom is enough to be considered as a thrilling experience. It would definitely be a blessing when you can enjoy the best racing games for PS3 on the high-definition brilliance of the PS3. Continue reading and find out which newest games can have enough standard to be installed in your Sony’s console.

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With the quick pace of today’s game world, it can be hard to be up-to-date with the latest developments. In order to ensure that gamers whose attention would be paid only the best racing games for PS3 can get exactly what they’re looking for, we have been taking notes and write down a list of the top twelve available options.

Things Worth Considering About Best Racing Games For PS3

Before getting into the details of the decent construction for a racing game, we should take a look at the overall features that have to be carefully thought of.

  1. Modifications – Besides the aspect of racing, there should exist the chance to enhance the experience of the game. Whether this is included within a progression through competition or the ability to customize the in-game vehicles.
  2. Compatible Equipment – A number of options could be provided on PS3 when it comes to racing games. You can have the chance to use your regular controller or upgrade to some astonishing racing devices. Whatever your choice is, be certain that they can work well with the game.
  3. Track Variety – We have listed out the number of tracks that will be accessible in the games, and have also noted down whether the game’s setting is set in an open world format or not. This is really necessary since it will determine your duration of playing the game.

Whether the style of the track is unique enough is the second aspect of the track variety that you should think of. They will not be considered as the best racing games for PS3 if they can’t bring up a different atmosphere for every race.

10 Best Racing Games For PS3

1 – F1 2011

What are Formula One based races about? Well, they’re all about split-second results, gut-wrenching high speeds and small details that make a huge difference. However, in real life, making a career in F1 and being able to drive in those machines is somewhat of a hard task. Then enter F1 video games! These titles bring you all the excitement and fun that F1 races have to offer. Codemasters is the developer of the game and they have been taking care of all the technicalities that F1 fans crave the most. F1 2011 deserves to lie among the list of best racing games for PS3

2 – Joe Danger:

Since 2010, Joe Danger has been garnering pretty good reviews for its uniqueness. The game itself is developed by Hello Games with the form of stunt racing. Being a combination of the racing and platformer genres, what makes this title addictive is its insane stunts, while playing as a genial stuntman named Joe Danger, players can have the chance to perform such kinds of stunt. The game’s incorporating customization options split-screen multiplayer, as well as online leaderboards, give its variety a huge boost.

3 – Burnout Paradise:


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Coming back in 2008 on the PS3 platform – this fourth title on our list, as known as Burnout Paradise, did it best to live up to every single expectation that was set up against itself. Similar to other racing games that have the crash and burn philosophy, Burnout Paradise provides the same thing, plus much more. This game also set in an open world environment, which adds more fun since it allows players to do lots of things, such as go exploring the world when they’re bored of competing for each other or not participating in campaign events.

4 – WipEout HD:

As gamers who love racing games, we all know about the series WipeOut. But this title makes the best racing games for PS3. The first good impression of WipeOut HD is its stunning sci-fi graphics, after that the gameplay will keep your interest and stuck with your consoles for hours. The thirst for multiplayer racing games will never end, that is why the developer of WipeOut HD had put support for eight-player online races! What a great game it is!

Borrowing a lot of inspiration and elements from the gorgeous PSP titles WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse, such as the music and the tracks, the game is marked as something of a “best of” of recent titles in the Wipeout franchise. However, this version is not just a repackaging – you can never experience such a refined version like this anywhere. We could say this game is crafted until it reached the point of near perfection and was given enough polish and gloss that it could have been a full retail release and give its fan more than satisfied. All of this and the fact that the game is actually only one-third the cost of a full retail game; it’s definitely a great bargain for some best racing games for PS3.

5 – Mod Nation Racers:

Let’s think of it this way, if Nintendo ever takes action to bring a Mario Kart game onto the Sony system, there’s no denying that Mod Nation Racers would act as an obstacle that will need to be winning over. The main feature of the fifth title Share in our list of the best racing games for PS3 is Play, Create. One more thing that makes this game addictive is its trouble-free karting mechanic, excellent customization and online sharing options.

6 – MotorStorm Apocalypse:

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Once choosing MotorStorm Apocalypse, you will get the chance to be on the racing tracks with different types of vehicles – Supercars, muscle cars, superbikes, hot hatches, and choppers; last year, the game itself was launched for the PS3. Now with a structure that focuses more on story-driven than the previous games in the series, it’s no surprise that this title can easily engage you in its awesome features.

7 – Shift 2 Unleashed:

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Being the sequel to Need for Speed: Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed was released March 31st, 2011 in Europe and earlier on March 29th, 2011 in North America. Players can enjoy this game on platforms like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Battle. In this game, full FIA GT licenses and Night racing and are included, as well as the fact that the previously appeared (in the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit) feature called Autolog. In case you may have noticed, a small preview of the game can be seen when racer first launched Hot Pursuit.

8 – Blur:

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Blur’s combat features are what make it stand out while in competition with the utmost supremeness. Worry that the single-player campaign will make the fan of racing bored, the developer has prepared a new feature that allows players to hop into local multiplayer matches which can support four player split-screen.

9 – NASCAR Highlights

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In “NASCAR Highlights”, you are the one that decide the result of each race’s most enormous thrills from the season; Eutechnyx recreates the game with every still the same – that is the condition of the cars – still the same, the in-game weather – the same, the track positions – nothing different. However, the only difference now is you. Get through various challenges in a position of a comprehensive career mode and drive straight to the victory!

10 – Dyad (2012)

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Dyad the game was developed and published by Canadian studio – Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket. Being a downloadable game, Dyad can be played on several different platforms such as PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. There’s also a Linux version planned for later release. The developer’s dedication makes this game go into our list of best racing games for PS3.

The game is considered as a “puzzle shooting plus tunnel racing” game that uses a number of new concepts and applies these concepts in a classic genre game. The game’s scheme is this: players have to use and pull themselves from one enemy to the next while they are flying down the screen. The complexity of this concept grows throughout its 26 levels. Its difficulty goes from using combos to fill up a special meter, to being forced to depend on sound to distinguish on-screen icons.

III. What Main Features Should The Best Racing Games For PS3 Focus On?

Visual Effects

We all understand that the quality of the racing itself is a key factor, but this does not mean that the surroundings should be looked over. At least, several moments throughout the game must visually stun you with the game’s beautiful scenery. In order to know which best racing games for PS3 have your wanted visual effect, search their screenshots on Google. The screenshots always show the best that the game has to offer.


If the case is the game is widely used through the regular (or handheld) controller then this factor significantly important. The movement of the vehicle is what you should feel deeply and it should be as realistic as much as it could.

The control of a game isn’t always easy to check before buying it, but you can read the game’s review to know more since they’re always reliable.

Effective Opponents

Either the game’s aim is to hold a competition between “human and human” or “human and computer-generated drivers”, this is essential to evaluate how enjoyable the game will be.

These are the three most important factors that make the best racing games for PS3. We’re sure that all the racing game titles listed above are suitable for the new players as well as bringing enough entertainment and challenges for talented ones.