The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard – How to Travel Through Skyrim Darkfall Cave and Darkfall Passage?

Skyrim Darkfall Cave 4

Skyrim Darkfall Cave is an area in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The buckle is found north of Markarth in the Reach. It is occupied by Frostbite Spiders and trolls. As a major aspect of the Dawnguard questline in the mission “Touching the Sky”. The Dragon born must enter this give in to look for Auriel’s Bow in the wake of taking in its area from the Elder Scroll. And what’s else? Let’s check it out in the article below.

Skyrim Darkfall Cave

Toward the finish of the buckle, they discover one of the final Snow Elves. Plus, Knight-Paladin Gelebor if the important journey has been begun. The give in itself is tolerably estimated and contains some water-filled regions. Together with one section where the Dragonborn can be quickly totally submerged. The give in is dreary in a few regions. On the off chance that the surrender is gotten to when the journey “Touching the Sky” is dynamic, it prompts Darkfall Passage.

So, where is the Darkfall Passage?

The Darkfall Passage of the Skyrim Darkfall Cave is at first got to amid the journey “Contacting the Sky”. Within the help of the Snow Elf Knight-Paladin Gelebor. Gelebor will open one of the sanctums for the Dragonborn. This one, in the wake of going through it, winds up in Darkfall Passage. In the wake of “Contacting the Sky” has been finished, Darkfall Passage can be gotten to through any of the opened hallowed places. Also, it will go through the altar in Darkfall Cave and through Darkfall Grotto.

Darkfall Passage

Pursue the passageway past the water where a falmer and chaurus seeker will assault. More distant down, the passage opens up into where there are extra falmer and chaurus. Close to the east divider is a little puddle. This leads where it counts into a mystery burrow where a skeleton lies by some gleamblossom, leveled plunder and Darkfall Passage Note I. Travel west into another passage, past a falmer hook trap and a chest.

Darkfall Passage

Darkfall New Dawn has been launched and free to play.


The way prompts a little falmer camp where a few will assault, close by a couple of chaurus seekers. Drop down into the fissure the cascade scatters into, where two skeletons will be found. Pursue the way up and around a curve to discover another skeleton and a leveled money box. From that point, basically, pursue the way up to more remote to discover a draw chain. This opens the path again into the falmer camp territory. Pursue the way behind the cascade to go to another camp with a few falmer. Head up the walkway, past the inquisitive figure and through the stay with the expansive gem.

Following amazingly, one more passage will prompt an extensive natural hollow with another cascade. Two general falmer and a manager level falmer are available here. A little hovel close to the walkway contains a manager level chest.

Darkfall Passage 1

Continue up the walkway through the cascade. To the privilege is a stay with a few snares, a chest and an Alchemy Lab and a few elixirs. To one side is rock trap inside a long passage that contains a skeleton. This skeleton goes with a note called Darkfall Passage Note II that cautions of a few snares. Two rope discharges will be settled to the divider by the skeleton. The left one will open the stone entryway and the correct will enact the snare.

A vale saber feline will be situated similarly as the entryway opens. In the wake of slaughtering it, continuing through the entry will prompt a gigantic sinkhole. And you may face numerous monster gleaming mushrooms as observed in Blackreach. Advancement down the cave past the cascade and up a stone way until the point that the Wayshrine of Illumination is come to on the western divider. This is also where Prelate Sidanyis is pausing. Like Gelebor, he will do magic on the wayshrine and it raises to uncover an entryway. Continue inside and draw water from the bowl, at that point head into the gateway to Forgotten Vale.

Skyrim Darkfall Cave – Walkthrough

Please read carefully this Skyrim Darkfall Cave walkthrough. Inside the passageway, there is a winding entry and a frostbite creepy crawly. The entry straightforwardly behind the insect and can be gotten to promote into the give in. Plus, it goes about as a left way, enabling the Dragonborn to leave from the furthest reaches of the underlying hole. Toward the finish of the short passage past the bug is an extension over a dull gap. This prompts a deadlock with a table, a pickaxe, and two moonstone mineral veins.

Skyrim Darkfall Cave

In the wake of achieving this point there is no turning back. Like intersection, the scaffold again will make it crumble, sending the Dragonborn (and any supporters they may have who are on the extension). And you’ll find yourself diving into a quickly streaming stream underneath. The stream quickly conveys the Dragonborn more profound into the give in the framework. In the long run bringing them into a frostbite creepy crawly nook.

The Dragonborn should travel north from here (slaughtering or sneaking past any frostbite arachnids which may show up). In the long run achieving a slant toward the north, which prompts away further into the surrender. Additionally, an extension over the stream toward the east which prompts a Giant frostbite bug nest. And you’ll find a chest containing arbitrary plunder. Now, it is time to experience the interesting things in Skyrim Darkfall Cave.

Skyrim Darkfall Cave 2

Gelebor is possibly one of the last Snow Elves staying in the entire place that is known for Skyrim. He can be found at the specific end of the underlying hole, inside the Chantry of Auri-El in the journey Touching the Sky has been begun. In the event that the mission wasn’t begun before the Dragonborn entered the surrender, Gelebor won’t show up. And one can take a way opened with a force chain in the south of the camp (a similar draw chain initiated entryway in the Breton camp). From that point take the westbound way that prompts the exit.

Notable items in Skyrim Darkfall Cave

A sufficient measure of sparkling mushrooms and frostbite venom for Skyrim Darkfall Cave is listed below.

Darkfall Cave Note – in the wake of navigating the conduits, there is a little camp (Serana will make a remark) with an expired Breton. The note can be found on the Breton.

Besides the previously mentioned camp is a chest containing sparkling mushrooms, bug eggs, troll fat, lights, and different resources. What’s more, alongside the chest is a night remain with Fire Resistance elixirs and a couple of creepy crawly eggs.

2 moonstone mineral veins: one in the principal chamber, another soon after entering from Skyrim.

Darkfall Cave

Despite the facts that not plunder, toward the finish of the caverns, the Dragonborn meets Gelebor. There is a Shrine of Auriel – one of just two in the whole amusement.

All accounts are not the only area to locate the accompanying plunder. The vale deer stowaway, and vale saber feline cover-up can be found in Skyrim Darkfall Cave. These two bits of plunder are just interesting tasteful forms of deer cover-up, and saber feline pelts, individually.

Fine points

One of the trivia in Skyrim Darkfall Cave is that, it is conceivable to achieve the opposite side before it breakdown.

In the event that one is booted out of Fort Dawnguard (by either turning into a vampire or vampire master) and they have Serana tailing them, should the Dragonborn have Serana quit going about as a devotee. Rather than heading off to the Fort where she is out of reach, she goes to Skyrim Darkfall Cave where one can without much of a stretch enlist her once more.

The Breton’s reference ID is 0200A95A, and accompanies the note of course.

Skyrim Darkfall Cave 4

Amid “Touching the Sky,” if the Dragonborn has another devotee notwithstanding Serana. Otherwise, in other words, the second supporter was obtained while Serana was holding up before entering the Soul Cairn out of the blue. It is ideal if this adherent is rejected before entering Darkfall Cave. Else, it is conceivable to get the second devotee partially to Gelebor, however, they will more likely than not stall out incidentally.

Touching the Sky – Basic information

Touching the Sky is a journey in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It fills in as the penultimate mission in the Dawnguard principle questline. It includes making a trip to the Forgotten Vale with Serana looking for Auriel’s Bow.


On the off chance that one has every second devotee notwithstanding Serana is prescribed that the second supporter is rejected before entering Darkfall Cave. Else they will (nearly?) absolutely stall out someplace in Darkfall Cave. The second devotee can be re-enrolled soon after killing the manager toward the finish of this journey. And the second adherent space should then persevere for the whole diversion.

skyrim darkfall cave 5

Auriel’s Shrine in Touching the Sky quest

The individual is Knight-Paladin Gelebor, one of the last living Snow Elves plays an important part in Touching the Sky quest. Whenever drew nearer, he will present himself and welcome the Dragonborn to the Chantry of Auri-El. He will give a little foundation about himself and his race and afterward the point will swing to Auriel’s Bow. He will say that he realizes that that is the reason the Dragonborn is here. And he will help, yet with the end goal to gain the bow, the Dragonborn must help him and execute his sibling, Arch-Curate Vyrthur.

skyrim darkfall cave 6

At the point when examined regarding his sibling, he will describe the account of when the chantry was assaulted by a swarm of falmer. Gelebor trusts that Vyrthur was tainted by the falmer, as after the assault his adjustment in conduct was noteworthy. He says that Vyrthur never looks as if he’s in torment or under coercion. He just stands in a single place and watches, as if pausing.

Within the quest Touching the Sky, in the wake of inquisitive about how to achieve his sibling, Gelebor enchants the substantial vault-like structure. This is called a wayshrine, which raises to uncover a curved opening. He gives the Dragonborn an Initiate’s Ewer and discloses that to achieve the Inner Sanctum. This one must pursue the way of a start of the Chanty of Auri-El, as portrayed in the book Touching the Sky.

skyrim darkfall cave 7

This includes going through five wayshrines that will in the end prompt the Inner Sanctum where his sibling and Auriel’s Bow are found. Serana, inquisitive about the procedure, will start a discussion with Gelebor. Once the discussion has finished, continue inside the wayshrine and into the gateway to Darkfall Passage.