Darkfall New Dawn has been launched and free to play.

Darkfall: New Dawn is an Empire building MMO game that was created and based on Darkfall Online foundation; the game is evolving it into a meaningful sandbox game.Darkfall: New Dawn provides an impressive technology, large scale battles with extraordinary fighting systems and player interactions in a consistency open world.

So what make this game so special? Let’s keep on reading our review to find out about why Darkfall New Dawn has been launched and free to play!

A pay-to-play Online game with unique gameplay:

Darkfall: The new Dawn will include a lot of new gameplays and pay-to-play contents. This game will require gamers spend $ 19.99 ($ ​​400) for 1 time purchase and then $ 9.99 monthly maintenance fee (over 200,000 VND) in order to keep your account Active. This could be a big barrier for Vietnamese gamers who want to play this product.

As some gamers might have known, Darkfall is pretty different from the rest of online games around the market. This game depends on the player’s skill completely, which means no level up or EXP. So even if you’re either hardcore gamer or amateur, it’s still very challenge to conquer the game.

There are more than 500 skills and spells for gamers to learn, not to mention the skill set for each character, so getting used to the game also takes a lot of time. Also, traveling in Darkfall is very difficult for many gamers to know with a short sentence: “you could die anywhere”. Simply because the game allows PvP freedom regardless of who wants it or not.

Some of us might still remember the infamous MMORPG Darkfall was already online in 2009; that was the fruit of Aventurine Studio. Many of gamers had spent countless hours visiting kingdom by kingdom from Darkfall world. In the dark night of November, Darkfall disappeared without leaving any farewell or announcement.

By realizing that sadness among gamers, Ub3rgames has agreed that Darkfall need to be brought back to life: what the original Dev team was aiming for is to satisfied their fans and reach to the perfection. Since 2016, Ub3rgames team has been continuously working and improving the game so all of gamers can finally enjoy a complete and final version.

Key Features:

  • Racial wars: In Darkfall New Dawn, you fight alongside your racial allies for land and glory. While defending your peers and hunting down enemies of the realm, you will able to feel the friendship increase after every battle.
  • Classless Characters:there is no limitation of class when talking about character’s skill and abilities.You will be given a total freedom to create your own unique path.
  • Build your own Empire: with sandbox elements in a large seamless world, players can conquer land and build an empire through clan wars.
  • Large-Scale PvP Race Wars: players could join any giant battles where there are hundreds of players participating for the greater good. For Combat, we will have magic, melee, and archery.
  • Player-Driven Economy:while playing game, you will have a chance to make transactions with trader, harvester, or crafter in the markets for exchanging resources that you need to purchase.

Summary/ Verdict:

The Darkfall: New Dawn site so far has been updated with good news for magic-types: The Witchcraft magic school is now available for play. All signature spells and other mechanics are well-written by developers. This game keeps getting better and better from time to time.It’s a “must play” that MMORPG fans should not be missed.