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darkfall-ua.info is a website which tells you about dark fall – a psychological horror/adventure game which was developed by Jonathan Boakes in 2002. This game tells the story of an unnamed protagonist who receives a frightening message from his brother asking for help. On the journey to rescue his brother, the protagonist encounters an ancient evil known as the Dark Fall, which can trap his soul between the realm of the living and the dead. He must attempt to imprison the dark fall before being controlled by its power.

This is a very popular game in the world and on our website – darkfall-ua.info, we will provide you all the information about this game. On darkfall-ua.info, you can find all information about dark fall such as its story, its developer, all of its version, All the reviews and comments of the experts about the game, the latest news about dark fall, the challenge of the game, how to play, tips and tricks, how to beat some situations in the game, etc…

Moreover, darkfall-ua.info is not only a website which provides the user information about the game – dark fall but also is a chatting forum for the player from all over the world to share their opinions, their experiences and their review about the game.

This is really the best place for people who love dark fall to find and share their knowledge about the game.